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Tied to the Boss

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 Want to taste the forbidden?


Victoria Carson does. She's had a crush on her boss since he hired her five years ago. Her promotion to be his personal secretary fuels her fantasies. But she's not familiar with his sexual appetite. Her boss introduces her to a whole new world of sexual desires, enticingly different from her vanilla lifestyle. She's unsure at first, but Dominic Nox takes the reins.

A true dom, Dominic can't take it anymore. He wants his sweet little secretary. With the help of his smoldering hot colleague, Raphael Silver, he leads Victoria in the right direction. His direction.

And he'll do everything to ensure she's tied to the boss.

(Tied to the Boss is a free BDSM story of about 10k words. The series can be read as standalones as they all have different couples but may be more enjoyable read in order.

Vicki and Dom show up again in Tied in Knots.)


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Vicki’s phone rang persistently. Her heart drummed against her chest as she stared at the screen, frozen. This time it was him. Just a few more seconds. Ignoring the call, she burst through the elevator doors and spied an anxious Esther.


The elderly secretary ran up to her, handed her the files and threw a mint in her mouth. Presentation meant everything in this office. Her boss had laid that law down on day one.


She had been promoted from assistant manager to administrative assistant to hot, billionaire CEO of Knox Industries, a chain of health food and fitness stores throughout the country. A far different job than she’d been at, but she’d taken it because the salary was much higher and well, Dominic Nox.


Esther firmly pushed Vicki in the direction of his office. “Go. He’s waiting and in a mood.”


Her heart sunk. He could be brutal when he was in a mood.


As fast as her inappropriate work heels could take her, Vicki ran.


On two sides the room was encased by floor-to-ceiling tinted windows. Casual observers could catch a glimpse of something moving inside the office, but they couldn’t make out anything specific. Four flat screen TVs were mounted on one wall, muted and showing various commercials, advertisements and the stock market channel.


Despite his large office, Dominic dominated the room. His imposing figure casually relaxed as he leaned against the cherry desk, a pile of papers in his hand. His head bent. His expression a perfect mask of composure, unreadable as always. 


This man kept her up at night, giving her the wettest dreams. His lightly-tanned skin and dark locks complimented his aquamarine eyes. Broad shoulders connected to a trim waist. He was lean, but she knew he had hard muscles under the suit he wore. She sometimes made use of the building’s fitness room on the thirtieth floor. Not to spy—to work out and maybe a little spying. But that’d make her a stalker, and she wasn’t.


She wouldn’t go that far.


She just chose to feed her fantasies on occasion with a little eye candy. Once he took his shirt off she had nearly fallen off her treadmill.


 Whenever he entered the building, there was a palpable electrical charge in the air. It was like sexual air particles spun around the space, making everyone horny. Women were usually found wiping drool from their dropped jaws. Men fought to impress him so that they could be his wingman because wherever Dominic Nox was, beautiful women were not far behind. Both even had the bravery—or stupidity, Vicki thought—to blatantly suggest sex.


He was a true heartbreaker. Even though he was a major part of her wet dreams, she’d never break her rule. He’d crush her heart without remorse.


No, she’d never give in.


It was better this way.


She imagined what he saw when he looked at her. Even though she always dressed to impress, she imagined he saw a mousy girl who met his every beck and call. He never acknowledged her as more than that, always remaining professional.


She knew she was good at her job, working hard day, night and more frequently weekends. As soon as she graduated college, she was hired as an intern at the tender age of twenty one. Then years of hard work and sucking up, she’d earned this position.


Now his beautiful face was scowling at her. His blue eyes zeroing in at her neck. “What is that?”


At his snap, her body straightened. “What is what?” Eyes widening, her mind went into panic mode. Frantically searching her clothes, her hands rubbed against her pencil skirt and sapphire blouse, trying to find a ketchup stain. “Where is it?”


A deep rumble escaped his throat, almost like a growl. The papers in his hand were thrown on his desk. The next thing she knew, he snatched the end of her scarf and tugged her close to him until she was flush against his hard body. “This.”  His thumb rubbed the material near her breast and her breath hitched.


He had been completely professional with her for the past month. Sometimes a dick, but always professional. She couldn’t tell if he was truly angry at her attire or in a bad mood. She took a moment to search his face.


His eyebrows rose in expectation and she swallowed hard, not daring to move because he now had a lethal grip on her scarf. Her feet rooted themselves to the ground. Her skin flushed and after clearing her throat twice, she squeaked, “Sir?”


He didn’t answer, instead releasing her scarf suddenly. Vicki wobbled on her heels, locking her knees to keep steady. She started breathing again, but didn’t relax. Instead she watched him warily as he stalked to the mini bar to pour himself a generous portion of scotch.


The silence dragged on. She opened her mouth to speak again, but he beat her to it. “I don’t think Esther is doing a good job training you.”


The harsh blow hit her hard. Her mind frantically searched for a solution. Finding nothing wrong. Maybe her clothes weren’t as conservative for an office, but she did everything else to a T. When he didn’t elaborate she asked, “Sir?”


He sighed, casually leaning against the bar. “I really tried to make this work. I tried to remain as professional with you as I have with Esther, but you’re too much.”


The long silence grew and she swore she not only felt, but also heard her heart dropping. Holding her breath, she waited to hear what he was going to say next. She had given this company her blood, sweat and tears, sacrificing any kind of social life. Voicing this might get her fired so she remained silent.


 He calmly took a sip of his drink. Those blues focused solely on her and she squirmed under his gaze. Her eyes dropped to the floor, then peeked up at him. “Am I being fired, sir?”


“How long have you been working for me, Ms. Carson?”


She blinked. “In this company? Five years. Directly under you? A month, sir.”


“You think that’s enough time to train you, Victoria? A month?”


Vicki closed her eyelids, savoring his smooth drawl and hoping it wasn’t the last time she’d hear it. She opened her eyes and jumped. Dominic Nox’s chiseled jaw was mere inches from her lips, his brilliant eyes deeply boring into her.




She moistened her lips. Dominic caught the action with his chilling gaze and stared at her mouth.


“Yes, sir?”


He abruptly turned. “You didn’t answer the question. I won’t repeat it.”


She stared at his desk, trying to recall his question. “Oh, uh, yes, sir. I think it’s adequate time to train me.”


He growled. “Then answer your damn phone when I call. I think Esther isn’t the right person to train you. I think I’ll do it myself.”








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