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Wickedly Tied

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 Victoria Carson has lived under gorgeous CEO Dominic Nox’s dominant reign for a full year. They have a true dominant/submissive relationship. All of her friends have tied the knot, but Dom hasn’t even said the three words she longs to hear.

Tired of his incomprehensible attitude, Vicki takes the reins into her own hands, but is Dom too dominant to relinquish control? Will he realize the full extent of his feelings or will Vicki have to let go?

She’s simply tied in knots.

 (Tied in Knots is a BDSM romance story. The series can be read as standalones as they all have different couples but may be more enjoyable read in order.)

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Victoria finished dressing but took her scarf off to leave on his desk. She didn’t think Dominic would be back for a few more hours, so she took her time dressing. She opened his computer and typed a quick memo. She wrote to the company not to Dominic himself, keeping everything professional and not showing her emotions at all.

She straightened the papers on his desk, not able to help herself. As she headed to the door, she cast a last longing glance at the blue scarf wishing she could keep it, but she couldn’t bear to take it with her since it reminded her so much of Dom. In her relationship with Dom they had used the scarf many times. If she ever left him, she had to let it go as well.

She grabbed her purse and made her way down to the first floor. She ignored the people shuffling around behind her making rude sounds when she interrupted their traffic flow. Her feet no longer obeyed her as she suddenly paused at the revolving door. She stared outside into the sunlight. The rain clouds had fled. In its place was brilliant sunlight warming up the day.

Tears pricked her eyes, but she blinked them back so they wouldn’t spill in public. It took effort to swallow. You can do this, Vicki. It just has to be this way.

 Her phone rang, making her jump. She gulped as she realized it was Dominic. It rang a few more times before she slowly answered.

“Take a step out that door, Ms. Carson, and you’ll regret it.” His voice barely contained his fury.

The hairs on the back of her neck suddenly stood on end as she realized he was watching her on camera. Her shoulders straightened from their stooped posture, her head lifted and she boldly swept her gaze around the room, looking for his secondary eyes. She spotted a few, but she didn’t know exactly which one he was looking at her from, so she glared at each of them. Challenging him.

 “Explain what the hell this is on my desk.” He sounded calmer, almost casual.

 “I think it’s rather self-explanatory, Mr. Nox.”

 His voice turned threatening. “Why do I have a resignation letter on my desk?”









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