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Set to be Tied

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Set up for pleasure.

Jessica Coleman, numb and distraught from her job, is forced to take a vacation to recoup. So she gets in her car with an unknown destination.

She meets hot-as-hell entrepreneur Raymond Silver who is looking for someone to fill his needs. But when Jess refuses his blunt offer, Ray does whatever it takes to show her how ignitable their passion can really be.

Little does Jessica know that she is set to be tied.

(Set to be Tied is an BDSM romance story. The series can be read as standalones as they all have different couples but may be more enjoyable read in order.)

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Jess hit the end button without taking her eyes off the stranger. He was dressed in a suit that screamed money. Blond hair fell long, but tidy. His clean-shaven face made his jaw look hard set. His mouth was currently in a firm line of...displeasure? Maybe he was uncomfortable. His light green shirt matched his eyes that were narrowed in on her chin. Maybe the guy had OCD.

Feeling self-conscious, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, flipped her blue hair back and graced him with a hard look of her own. Silently challenging him, her eyes said, if you have a problem with me, I don't care.

He met her eyes, taking a few seconds to assess her expression. Then his kissable mouth lifted in amusement.

Really, Coleman? Kissable?

She nodded to him. Then left the cafeteria, discarding her trash on the way out. On her way to her car, she stopped at a small floral vendor to admire the potted flowers they were selling. She caressed a begonia, marveling in its natural beauty.

“You look lost.”

She closed her eyes, letting the masculine voice caress her body. Hell, his voice was hot silk. “I'm not.” She turned to see the stranger from the cafeteria.

“No, in here.” He said pointing to his head. “Deep thought.”


His green eyes narrowed. “Liar. I can tell when someone holds all those emotions in that they don't know what is right anymore.”

“You don't know anything about me.”

Without hesitating he reached out, taking a small tendril of her blue hair and holding it up to the sunlight, admiration in his eyes. “I like it. Like a blue wildflower.”

She shrugged the tendril out of his grip. "Not impressed. Thanks.”

He suddenly shackled her arm and pulled her flush against his hard body. “I can help you.” His minty breath brushed her ear, causing her to shiver.

Her eyes darted around, but the rest stop was barren. The flower vendor was busy flirting with the gift shop cashier next door. She lifted her chin, kept her voice even and made sure she didn’t flinch when she gazed into his cocky green eyes. “If you don’t let go of me, I’ll scream.”

He flashed brilliant white teeth. “I hope so.”

She jerked a knee up to hit him in the groin, but as if anticipating her move, he sidestepped easily, his grip on her arm tightening to hold her still. “I have a proposition for you.”

She exhaled the breath she was holding, but held her spine rigid, her struggles lessening. The place wasn’t completely barren. If she screamed, she knew help wasn’t far off. And she was a bit curious of what this domineering, too-handsome-for-his-own-good, cocky-ass stranger wanted from her. Through gritted teeth she said, “I guess I'm forced to listen.”

He shook his head. His tone soft and even despite her feeble struggles. “Actually I am not forcing you to do anything. It may appear so, but it's ultimately your choice.”

She stopped struggling and studied him. His stance was relaxed. His voice level. His chin and eyes set in knowing. Despite the attitude, he was attractive, but this guy oozed alpha. Warmth trickled to her lower body making her wet. Shit, this was exciting her. She didn’t like it. Not one bit.








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