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Beth is recovering from a head injury in the hospital. Without any loved ones to come visit her she is bored out of her mind. When she spies a handsome stranger outside her door, she is thrilled when he comes in until they both realize he's in the wrong room . . .


Not letting go of his neck, she matched his tone. "Why do you have a damn diamond ring around your neck?"

He exhaled, he said in warning, "Elizabeth."

She held her breath. "Can I see it?"
"See what?" He placed her on the bed.

"Gimme the diamond, Cameron. I want to see it for a second."

He dropped into his chair. After a few moments of a staring contest that Beth won, he reluctantly unsnapped the chain and placed the diamond in the center of her waiting palm.


posted by: Emma Rider

Cassandra enjoys a night of racing out into the countryside breaking a few laws until someone ruins her fun—a hot muscular someone. She takes it in stride loving nothing more than a man in uniform until he asks her to get out of the car.  

Enjoy this emotional rollercoaster of naughtiness and don’t stop until you reach the end of the ride. Trust me on this.   


His scowl did not move as he opened her door. “Step out of the car, ma’am.”

Obeying him, she got out carefully, making sure her hands were in his line of sight. She shrunk a little to be unthreatening, and bit her lip as she looked up at him.

“Face your car, palms on the hood, feet spread.” He put a firm hand on her back as she turned. “Do you have anything on you that could stick me?”

“No, sir.” She tried to turn but his hand prevented her. “Are you going to—what’s the word—uh, frisk me, officer?”

He finally smiled, but it was more of a predator’s smile than a reassuring one. “Pat you down to make sure you don’t have anything that you shouldn’t.” He turned her back around again.

“Alright, um, just please keep it professional


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